Danny Lehr


  • Masters, Education.  Emphasis in Cross Cultural Communication

  • B.A. Physical Education


  • USAW Level 1 Sports Performance

  • Pendlay Level 1

  • CrossFit Level 2

  • CrossFit Football

  • CrossFit Endurance

  • Google Analytics, Advanced Level


  • 12 Years Coaching Organized Athletics (weightlifting, wrestling, track and field)

  • 11 Years Coaching Fitness (Weightlifting, CrossFit)

  • 8 years Teaching Physical Education

  • 10 National Weightlifting Competition Qualifications (multiple top 10 finishes)


His Story

By the numbers

I began working as a physical education teacher and wrestling coach at age 21.  I was passionate about 2 things; improving the fitness level of the student athletes, and coaching winning wrestling teams. 

At age 24 I joined up with two business partners to grow CrossFit Excel.  We grew from a garage with a handful of members to a beautiful 10,000 square foot facility with over 250 members.

I competed in my 1st  weightlifting meet in August, 2010, just a few weeks before my 26th birthday.  I fell in love with the sport, and competed in 25 weightlifting meets over the next 5 years.  

In 2013, I founded Caffeine and Kilos with 2 of my friends.  We had a vision of a company in the fitness industry that could help support athletes in the strength sports, and do so by making cool stuff that we wanted ourselves.  In that same year, my beautiful wife gave birth to the 1st of our 2 children.

From 2014 to 2015 I made a correctional/instructional weightlifting video every week for 60 weeks.  I call this project The Lifting Fix.  Even though I no longer update it, all of the weekly videos are still up for free on YouTube and the website.  

As Caffeine and Kilos crossed it's 4th year in business, we started the Gas Station Cappuccino podcast.  It's a show about a little weightlifting, a little business, and a lot of general life stuff....mostly Dean and I just bantering back and forth.


Caffeine and Kilos is a  brand out of Elk Grove, CA that supports an active lifestyle.  The Caffeine and Kilos mission statement is centered around quality without sacrifice.  Click here to check out Caffeine and Kilos.

Excel Health and Fitness is a premier strength and conditioning facility is Manteca, CA.  Home to CrossFit Excel, quality coaching has been the priority since opening  in 2008.  Click here to check out Excel Health and Fitness.

Gas Station Cappuccino, a podcast about life, fitness, business, and more! The podcast covers everyday conversations about Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit, powerlifting, and growing a business in the fitness industry.  Click here to check out Gas Station Cappuccino.

The goal of The Lifting Fix is to help people improve with the barbell.  Everybody has something they can improve upon!  Our goal is to find the one fix that will make the biggest immediate impact.  Click here to check out The Lifting Fix.


Guest Appearances

Key Note Speaking

  • Fitness Business Summit 2018. Hosted in San Diego, CA, 2018

  • 2016 Coaching Summit. Hosted by DMC and Orthopedics in Modesto, CA, 2016

  • The Toolkit Summit 2017 Virtual Business Conference for Fitness Professionals, 2017

  • California State University, Sacramento Hosted by Stinger Barbell Club of Sacramento State, 2018

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